Chungking Express - Midnight Express

For some reason Google have neglected to Street View Lan Kwai Fong, home to what was 'Chungking Express's 'Midnight Express' kebab shop. As you can make out from the picture below, it is now a 7-11 store.

Oh, and here's a capture from the film, looking up Lan Kwai Fong, as my brother appears over Tony Leung's shoulder on his way home from work. He does have a bit of a stare at, what he said, was a puzzlingly relaxed looking cop.


  1. Hi Daniel --

    I count myself privileged to have been able to eat at the Midnight Express twice (no chef's salad though!) before its demise. Never made it to the California though... Always assumed it would be there but, alas, that was a mistaken assumption as it turned out. :S

  2. Hey Yvonne, I don't think I ever ate there - when I visited in '94 I was fiercely loyal to Hong Kong Sandwich Express, just around the corner...

    I did hang out in Oscar's (?) the bar next to it, though. Until, that is, my brother offended the owner and was barred...