Police Story - Goodview Garden

Goodview Garden is the apartment block where Brigitte Lin's character lives. Jackie Chan fights off a bunch of thugs in the car park outside.


  1. Hi Daniel --

    I just rewatched "Police Story" on a big screen at the HK Film Archive this evening and was wondering about some of the locations.

    Re Goodview Garden: Interesting that you have it located in Happy Valley as according to the Hong Kong Directory map book that I have, Goodview Garden is located in Tuen Mun.

    Suspect that the one in Tuen Mun is a different Goodview Garden from the one in the movie though. I wonder whether the Happy Valley Goodview Garden still exists?

  2. Hey there, if you check the Google Maps link and go to Street View, you'll see the 2011 image which shows it still there, but covered with bamboo scaffolding...