The Killer - Happy Mansion

Home of Sally Yeh.

This one was really tricky to find, as you only really get the interior shots and the scene on the roof. Sure, it's adjacent to a quite distinctive looking apartment block, but trying to find one apartment block in the hundreds (if not thousands!) in Hong Kong is a thankless task. Still, in the scene where Sally Yeh arranges to meet Chow Yun-Fat at the airport, you can see the top of the HSBC Headquarters Building and the St John Building out of her window. By judging the angle and height of the two buildings in relation to where they were being viewed from, it wasn't long until I found the apartment block which looms over Sally's apartment. And, even though there isn't a Street View image of Happy Mansion, using the shape of the roof and the structure on top if it, one can deduce that it is, indeed, the same location.

This blog really is becoming the geekiest thing I have ever done in my life...