Election - Wang Lee Mahjong

The cafe / mahjong parlour where Loius Koo and Robert Hung go to pay off San Sin. Thanks to Phil from Hong Kong (& Macau) Stuff / Hong Kong (& Macau) Film Stuff blogs for the linguistic detective work and Gary from Film Pilgrimage / Hong Kong Cinemagic for the English name of the parlour.


  1. Hi Dan - good find. Do you mean the chinese on the brown wall? It just says "Gung Si" which is Cantonese for "Company". Have you got a shot of the rest of the name?

  2. Hey Phil, you can see the full name on Google Maps...


  3. Dan - it says something like (bear with me, it's not my first language :-) ) "Wong Lei Ma Jeuk Sa Lok Gung Si"

    It's a mahjong parlour. Ma Jeuk is the actual Cantonese for what we call "mah jong".

    I popped the Chinese into google and you can guess whose web page came up...yes, Gary's!!

    Check it out: http://pc633hk2047.mysinablog.com/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=2778906

  4. Excellent! Thanks for this Phil; I guess I can change the post to 'Wang Lee Mahjong' and Gary can 'Election' as another film to use the location...

    I have a rural and a coastal spot from 'Election', which I think you'll be the only person to recognise. I may email you them shortly...

    Did you have any luck with the 'Police Story' house yet?

  5. yes, send them over. I give it a go if I can.

    No house yet, but I don't know if you were aware of Bey's DD blog which has a fairly decent location breakdown for PS - not all the more obscure places but quite a few anyway:


    You can add Devil's Peak to the list as well (it's where he wakes up after being drugged).

    Incidentally, one of the locations he identified - Lingnan college on Stubbs Rd - has just been sold to a developer (last week) and looks set to come down soon. Better get some snaps while you can.

    Cheers, Phil