The Lunatics - Corner of Kai Tin Road and Lei Yue Mun Road

Well, the junction has been changed into a roundabout, with the construction of Kwun Tong Bypass and the Eastern Harbour Crossing, the shanty town has been replaced with trees and, unfortunately, the big concrete 'Kwun Tong District Board' cubes have gone. Still, this spot is still totally recognisable as the location where we are introduced to Chow Yun-Fat.


  1. Dan - I sometimes pass this area when I head into the Island on the bus 307 from Tai Po. There is still the odd trace of the shanty town in the form of old steps that have now been shotcreted over. Interesting to see what it used to look like - many thanks. Phil

  2. Yep, even then there was a ton of shotcrete along that road - probably providing the foundations for the structures. I think Ben is a 307'er, but I still haven't gotten to grips with the buses yet: I'm all about the trains and the minibuses...