Bullet In The Head - The Upper Gough Redoubt

The Gough Redoubt on Devil's Peak or, I think, the Upper Gough Redoubt, is where Tony Leung, Jacky Cheung and Waise Lee go to lay low, before heading to Vietnam. There isn't a Street View, but there's a great Picasa image which shows almost exactly the same panorama twenty years on (thanks to Stanley Kwong).

Oh, and many many thanks to Jesus Manuel (from the super Golden Ninja Warrior Chronicles) for sending screen caps of a video he made, showing the innards of the redoubt, where Tony, Jacky and Waise hang out before Lawrence Lau brings them food.


  1. I have a lot of pics of this place taken by me...if you give me an email address I could post them to you.
    Most of IFD / Filmark were shot there in Devil's Peak batteries, other movies like Madam City hunter, Young & dangerous the prequel, Kickboxer's tears and hundreds of HK movies as well.

  2. By the way, the buildings with painted numbers where the heroes live in Bullet in the head was visited by Bey Logan in the extras of Hong Kong Legends platinum edition of this movie. I saw it looooong time ago and I can'tr remember if it is shek kip mei.
    Try to check it on that dvd!

  3. Excellent on both counts, Jesus. If you have a pic of the arched interior that we see the trio standing in, please email to;


    Thanks, Dan

  4. I just watched the Bey Logan featurette and he is at the flats at Shek Kip Mei, but he just mentions that they are the type of housing that John Woo grew up in and wanted to show in the film: he doesn't specifically say that they were used. My search continues...

    Oh, and thanks for emailing the pics...

  5. ah, I just remembered that featurette & those buildings. I watched it 2005.

    You welcome. I have many pics taken in devils peak to compare to the movies shot there as I told you: Madam city Hunter, Innocent interloper, Young & Dangerous: the prequel, Kickboxers tears, Shoot to kill, Undreground banker...among many more. Even the climax of the hard porn movie starred Julie Lee Trilogy of Lust was shot there.

    I you like, I could send you more of them

  6. Yep, it certainly seems a popular spot to film around. There's a shot in the film - from 2:15-2:30 on this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUoDFvS6Em0 - is that inside the redoubt? If so, do you have a picture?

    Thanks again Jesus, your help is very much appreciated.

  7. Good news!...I have found my pics inside of the redoubt. Well, it is not pics but a video. As soon as I go back home tonight, I will make some snapshots for you.

  8. Cool, is it a match for the footage in the link above?