King Of Comedy - Ben's Back Beach Bar

Ben's Back Beach Bar, part of the Shek O Sailing Club (I think?), is where Stephen Chow goes to see if Alex Lam is prepared for his role in the play. The village of Shek O isn't extensively covered on Street View, but a pic from (thanks to 小連) is a more than adequate substitute.

And, that's it behind Stephen and Cecilia Cheung...


  1. I absolutely adore King of comedy, definitely one of Chow's best and I'm desperate for a decent dvd of it. Great to see these locations Dan!

  2. Yeah, it's been one of many films that I've been revisiting for the blog, intending to sit there and skip from location to location, but instead sitting and watching large swathes of the film and having a right good giggle.

    And, glad you're enjoying the locations; I trust you're planning on where to visit on your next trip out there?