Young And Dangerous : The Prequel - The Lower Gough Redoubt

Where Nicholas Tse and the rest of the boys go to hang out after school. There isn't a Street View of the redoubt, but this Panoramio image which shows the circular structure where a gun once sat and looks across to Hong Kong Island at the same angle (thanks to skypointer).


  1. this is one of my favourite places in Hong Kong, everytime I go to Hong Kong I spend a day visiting the Devil's Peak in Yau Tong. Dozens & dozens of movies have been shot here, from A bullet in the head to most of IFD / Filmark ninja movies. Even some scenes of Inspector wears skirt 2, Madam city hunter,Innocent interloper, Kickboxer's tears even the final scene of hard-porn directed by Julie Lee Trilogy of Lust was shot here..and many many more more.
    I am preparing some posts dedicated to the movies shot in the place for my blog.

  2. Hey Jesus, good to hear from you. I still appreciate you hooking me up with your pics when I did the 'Bullet in the Head' post.

    I've never been up there, only the Shing Mun Redoubt, which is well worth exploring.

  3. if you want more pics from this place, I can email them to you! I have a good load of them.

    whenever you go back to HK, you should visit this place, you will fell the movies there besides you can enjoy a superb view of former Kai Tak Airport plus Victoria Harbour from East side. And it is quite easy to get there. Just go to Yau Tong & then follow the path to the Chinese Cementery.