A Better Tomorrow - Tin Hau Temple

So, the temple where Chow Yun-Fat and Ti Lung arrange to meet Waise Lee to make an exchange. I'd almost given up looking for this but, thanks to me making my way through all of Yvonne's 'hiking' posts on her lovely Webs of Significance blog when looking for the Sharp Island Tombolo (thanks Phil!), I saw her pics and thought it looked like the most promising lead I'd had.

A little digging also allowed me to match up the painting of, who I think is, Hou Yi; one of the door gods of the temple (thanks to Peter Connolly). It looks like Hou Yi has been been given a lick of paint since 1986, whilst the table outside the door has been slightly redesigned too, but I'm convinced this is the spot. It isn't on Street View, but there are plenty of Panoramio pics which show the temple (thanks to Percy Tai 漆園童)