Ebola Syndrome - El Cid Spanish Restaurant

After escaping from Marianne Chan's apartment, Anthony Wong fends off the advances of the police outside El Cid on Knutsford Terrace. This street isn't covered on Street View, but zooming in a little from Observatory Road, you can see the El Cid signage in the top-right of the image. I've also thrown in an image from OpenRice.com (thanks to g189) which shows that El Cid has had a little bit of a facelift in the last 15 years, but it has always had the tiled sign.

Oh, and when Vincent Wong pursues Anthony round the corner, only to be beaten and have ebola infected blood spat at him (charming), it is outside the back entrance of El Cid, with the sign visible, just above Anthony's cleaver hand...

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