I Love Hong Kong - Shing Fat Restaurant

Where Eric Tsang and Tony Leung go for buns. The restaurant is in the Choi Wan Commercial Complex, so there's no Street View and the only image I can find which identifies the location is from OpenRice.com (thanks to 啡熊) and seems to be flagging up a disregard for workplace health and safety...

I have also included Open Rice's own image of the front of the restaurant.


  1. plz write about i love hong kong 2013 location
    Where is the tea house?

  2. I've not seen 'I Love Hong Kong 2013' but, looking on YouTube, my first thought was that it wasn't a real tea house.

    Having flicked through the film and arrived at the end credits, you can see they're filmed outside the front of the tea house, which is surrounded by green screen.

    So, sorry to say, but it's probably filmed at the TVB studios.

  3. oh not really surprised with the film information but your attention to my comment, thanks a lot Daniel :D