Police Story - Devil's Peak

After finding the last of the urban locations from this movie, Phil from the wonderful Hong Kong (& Macau) Stuff / Hong Kong (& Macau) Film Stuff blogs, reminded me that he'd pointed this spot out to me a while ago. Thanks Phil!

This is where Jackie Chan wakes up after being drugged; on the ridge of Devil's Peak, between the two upper and lower station of the Gough Redoubt. There isn't a Street View, but this Panoramio image does the job nicely (thanks to LeslieC); showing the view across Heng Fa Chuen over to Chai Wan.


  1. I think I have some snapshots from my video camera of this place. I took them when I shot the Devil's peak batteries. I shot the chinese cemetery & the bay from several viewpoints. I check it when I come home & if we are lucky I send them by email.
    I repeat again: I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!

  2. Amazing ID of the location -- presumably based on the view of the hills and Tseung Kwan O, etc. I've been up Devil's Peak twice but wouldn't have recognized it as being a "Police Story" location as the path up there has been paved!