The Thirty Million Dollar Rush - Boundary Street

Well, the pawn shop has gone and the entrance to the building has changed a bit, but this is where Karl Maka goes to get his tuxedo back. What is amazing is that the Everbright Piece Goods Co. has not changed in any way, shape or form in the last twenty-five years...


  1. Daniel,

    Excellent website. I didnt know that there are other people out there that have the hobby of ID'ing old movies location past and present.

    But anyways, i think the Everbright Piece Goods Co store (circa 1987) moved next door (2012) comparing the top and bottom photo. The "CO" is apart on the top photo, but closely next to the "Goods" on the store name. The shop is now next to the entrance to the building but was a shop apart 25 years ago.

  2. Hello, there's a few people who do this kind of thing; would love to have a look at your site / blog if you also do this online?

    Any how, I'm not sure it did move unless you have other evidence. The difference in the positioning of "CO" is a glitch on Street View, if you look from a different angle you see that the sign remains the same.